What do you really want with your Facebook likes?

24 Sep

What do you really want with your Facebook likes?

It’s nice to have thousands of likes on your page and you can certainly feel like it exudes authority, but that’s not what you’re looking for. What you want is a reach on Facebook that you can make money from. Having 200 real likes from people within your target audience is much better than having 10,000 likes from people who don’t want to do anything with your page.

By the way, we have to say that having a lot of likes can also work against you. When you have thousands of likes on a page, but there is no one who responds to something and you hardly see Dutch names between the likes, this does not contribute to the reliability of the page. It ensures that no one trusts the page.

The number of likes you have on your page does not mean anything at all. It’s about what you can do with the likes on Facebook, not how many people have pressed a button. You can opt for the facebook likes buy options.

More good likes on your page instead of buying Facebook likes

Buying likes is therefore not a useful approach if you want to do it right. There are better ways to get more reach, with better effect.

When you have built a Facebook page, you actually have nothing. You need to set up a plan to get more outreach and make money using Facebook. To help you on your way, we have already put down some tips for you below.

Friends, acquaintances and family

Have you just become the owner of your own Facebook page? Then this is a good time to invite the people in your contact list directly via your page to like the page. If you don’t start new pages every day, chances are they will like your page and want to help you. Then you are immediately off the 0.

In addition, it is never wrong to let people know that you have a Facebook page. Mention it on other sources you have, such as your website or a newsletter that you regularly send to your customers. Imagine a reward for the customers who like your page, then it will go very quickly with the reach of your page.

Create an ad to get likes

Buying Facebook Likes is unwise and counterproductive. There is a way to build a much faster reach and Facebook itself offers that possibility to the users. You can showcase your page by creating an ad on Facebook. If you pay close attention to the target group and set it up properly, you will immediately reach the people you want to reach with your page.