Right Execution of the SEO methods with the Best Links

22 Sep

Right Execution of the SEO methods with the Best Links

The directories seo , some say it is outdated, especially since the (many) updates to Penguin. However, when you start a backlinking campaign, it is always interesting to collect a few first backinks in order to strengthen your authority with the engine to promote your site. It is still necessary to learn to differentiate the quality directories from the bad ones.

How to act with caution to be truly effective?

How to spot a quality seo directory?

If the quality directory is an endangered species, then that does not mean that it has completely disappeared from circulation. It simply lost importance in the eyes of Google. As the search engine bases its sorting on backlinks, it is in trouble when it comes to web directories. To buy backlinks   this is the most important matter.

The 3 SEO tools for backlinking and know the quality of a site

There are several SEO tools to analyze the backlinking of a site. The most popular are Ahref and Majestic SEO. Unfortunately both are not free. They both have a very limited free version which will still give you some overall stats (without going into details). To know the stats of a site and its positions, there is Semrush which does that very well (also paying.)

Analyze anchors

Once the tools for backlinking in hand, you will have to use a little common sense and method to analyze the SEO directory. You have to look at the anchors in the directory.

  • Are they varied?
  • Are there a lot of sub-optimized anchors?

Indeed, if the directory only allows over optimized anchors, there is a good chance that it is in Google’s viewfinder, if it is not already shot.

Calculate the number of inbound vs outbound backlinks

Another interesting indicator to take into account when analyzing a seo directory is the calculation of the number of inbound links vs the number of outbound links on the site. A site that has too many outbound links and not enough inbound links will not rank well. Add to that anchors a little too optimized. Go your way.

Check directory activity

What activity in the SEO directory ? When was the last article posted? A valuable site is an active site. What would happen if wikipedia was no longer updated? The platform would fall into disuse and would be less and less essential on the web. The SEO directory follows the same principle. If it is not regularly updated thenit is not a good sign.

Check the directory validation conditions

An SEO directory that does not easily validate the proposed text will give the writer a hard time, but the quality of its content will be a plus for your SEO.

Check the themes associated with the directory

Likewise, be careful with general directories. While some of them are still valid, because they are updated frequently, others should be scrupulously avoided. When in doubt, flee.